The Books

I use loads of books and I have learnt so much, here are a few:

Paul Hollywood’s Bread: Love it, great place to start if you are new to bread.

The Clandestine Cake Club Cookbook: Great book, loads and loads of recipes, and a great source of inspiration.

Peyton and Byrne British Baking: A slick, stylish and easy to follow book, with loads of recipes.

Pastry: This one is by Michel Roux senior, enough said.

Lily Vanilli’s Sweet Tooth: I’m fortunate to live in London, and on Sundays there is a flower market at Columbia road. Behind the market is the Lily Vanilli bakery, got to say the sausage rolls are proper. The book is really good, It took time to like (love it actually) but now it’s my go to book for brownies and bakewells. I even emailed her about the red velvet cake issue I had and she replied back to me.

Bread Matters: What a book, what an education. Andrew Whitely takes you through an amazing journey.  From basic bread making to exquisite sourdough. He also tells you why your bread went wrong, if it has. He even explains the basics and the sorry excuse for bread known as the Chorleywood process that is eaten on a daily basis.

Dough: Great breads in here – some real artisan ones. The author and bread maker Richard Bertinet is one cool dude. He takes you through the process of making really good tasty bread.  At first I thought ‘wow the dough is too wet’, but you keep going and you make some lovely bread, Tasty!

The Great British Bake Off: The book from series 2, it’s well put together and has good photography. From our experience it’s a good place to start from. Marry Berry and Paul Hollywood demonstrate some helpful tips for beginners.

The Hummingbird Bakery: Nice book, well presented, and a good selection of cup cakes and cake recipes.

Perfect Pies: Si and Dave do a fantastic job of demonstrating how easy it is to make pies, tarts and pasties of all kinds. Easy to follow with some great tips on producing great pastry. Hairy Bikers they may be, but they are also good at pies as well, nice one fellas.

The Great British Book of Baking: This accompanied the Great British Bake Off first series, yet again another great book. Loads of hints and techniques on how to make pastry and classic cakes.

Feast: This one is by Nigella it’s the one that has the famous chocolate Guinness cake in it. She does ramble on a bit ( things being sumptuous,and with a gooey texture etc) but it is a really good book.

Step-by-Step Baking: Great book for someone who doesn’t really bake, it shows every step with an image.

How to bake: A really good book, Paul Hollywood does a great job of explaining baking from scratch. He explains about types of flour, making a starter, making puff pastry and creating lovely Portuguese custard tarts and many more baking treats. Like the big would say; “it’s a good bake.”

How to be a domestic goddess: Yes, I’ve heard all the jokes about being a domestic goddess and none have made me laugh. However I have to say that the ex Chancellor of the Exchequer’s daughter does a good job with this book. What is really good is she bungs in loads of ideas and most of them are easy to follow as well as stuff to include the kids. My favourite part of this book is the bread section, great if you are starting out in bread making.

Baking with passion: It certainly is when it comes to this book. Dan Lepard explains things his way, kneading, rolling, shaping etc. There are some great starters in here, as well as pastry techniques and some really tasty bakes.

Bouchon Bakery: This is a really stylish book; it’s American so they have measure ingredients in cups. However the publishers were wise enough to also have gram measurements. It’s shows some really tasty bakes, the better nutters went done well in my house. Great photography and excellent step by step guides, to make some awesome bakes. However in this book they use All-purpose flour and cake flour, used plain flour for the cakes, biscuits and cookies. For the breads i used the strong white flour, it seems that all All-purpose flour has a higher protein.